Friday, June 1, 2012


SO, I didn't get a chance to blog last night but..

yesterday was my day 0, the start of a new life so to say....

i didn't sleep well the night before, whether it was nerves or something else keeping me up but i got up yesterday morning eager. I also greatly appreciate everyones calls, texts, messages, face booking, etc, wishing me good luck. <3

Between 10-11 am, Victor, My parents, Brittany, Josh, Kim, Chad, and Kayla got here. These were the people I Felt i wanted here to celebrate this day and witness the transplant. Many of you might not realize how simple the actual transplant process is... its literally as simple as a bag of blood being transfused, its the complications and the potential Graft VS Host decease that comes in the weeks, months, and even years later.... 

They started by pre-medding me with a cocktail of things to insure that i would not have an instant reaction to something foreign being pumped through my body.... my nurse brought in the cells and it was quite emotional for me...

 after weeks of pretesting, a painful drug to release the stem cells into the blood, just 24 hours prior this man somewhere in the US was admitted into a hospital somewhere where his stem cells were collected and put in this itty bitty bag to save my life... the second i saw the cells in my IV line i just broke down.. this was it. This was truly the moment my life was saved.

I will forever cherish this moment for the rest of my life. 

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  1. You're story really touched me. I was crying and smiling. I hope everything is great. I hope that you are okay. Good luck. Keep inspiring!!